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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Recently Viddied - January 2010

Sherlock Holmes
AVATAR (twice more)
Gates of Hell - aka. City of the Living Dead - Fulci (80)
Poor Pretty Eddie - aka. Black Vengeance (75)
The Book of Eli
Robot Jox - Hecklevision
I Come In Peace
Alamo Trailerthon 2 Test Screening
King of Beggars
Viva the 'Nam
A Town Called Panic
Lunch Wagon
AVATAR - (4th time, 1st time IMAX 3D)
My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?

At Home:
Noriko's Dinner Table
The Outing
Second Skin
Adam's Apples
Charlie Bartlett
Survive Style 5+
Supersonic Man
Riders of the Storm
Big Fan
The Hurt Locker
World Gone Wild
The Ultimate Warrior
Invisible Strangler
Colossus: The Forbin Project
Desert Warrior
Brewster McCloud
The Day Time Ended
Slaughterhouse Rock
Come and See
Jekyll & Hyde ...Together Again
Can I Do It... Til I Need Glasses?
Steel Dawn
The Great Smokey Roadblock
Starlog Video Presents CINEMAGIC


The Pusher Trilogy
L O S T - Season 5

Rolling Vengeance
Codename: Wild Geese
The Curse (87)
Used Cars
Blame It On Rio
The New Legend of Shaolin

Prisoners of the Lost Universe
The Outing
High Crime
Supersonic Man
Riders of the Storm
The Ultimate Warrior
Invisible Strangler
Desert Warrior
The Day Time Ended
Slaughterhouse Rock

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  1. I enjoyed Happy-Go-Lucky. I'm a big Mike Leigh fan and it was an incredibly simple story in a very complicated world. I know a lot of people were irked about the overly positive attitude of the main character (a wonderful Sally Hawkins). In a real/celluloid world it's always easier to get depressed or angry than to turn the other cheek.