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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Television List

Complete Series = CS
Lower Quality Bootleg = LQ


Buffy The Vampire Slayer - S.1 , S.2
Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog
Firefly - CS
Freaks and Geeks - CS
Global Frequency - Unaired Pilot LQ
Greatest American Hero - S.1
L O S T - S.1 , S.2 , S.3 , S.4
Manimal - CS LQ
Misfits of Science - CS LQ
Mr. Show - S.3
The Prisoner - CS
Streethawk - CS LQ
Tales of the Darkside - CS LQ
Tenacious D - Masterworks
Twin Peaks - Definitive Gold Box Ed.

British TV

Black Books - CS
DARKPLACE, Garth Marenghi’s
I’m Alan Partridge - S.1
Man to Man: with Dean Learner
Office, The - S.1 , S.2 , Special
Spaced - CS


Dungeons & Dragons - CS
Star Trek - Animated Series - CS
Star Wars : Clone Wars - V.1 , V.2
Venture Bros., The - S.1


Automan - Pilot LQ
Bruce Lee : A Warrior’s Journey - Dub
Da Ali G Show - S.1 , S.2 - Dub
From Star Wars to Jedi
Great Movie Stunts & Making of Raiders of the Lost Ark
Hotel Room - TVM Dub
Industrial Symphony No.1 - Dub
Mystery Science Theater 3000 :
- Cave Dwellers, The
- Manos: The Hands of Face
- Mitchell
- Pod People
- Sidehackers
Mythology of Star Wars - George Lucas & Bill Moyers
NOVA : Elegant Universe - Dub
On The Air - CS Dub
Working Stiffs - Vol.1

VHS Animation

Droids: Pirate & The Princess
G.I. Joe - The Movie
Transformers - The Movie
X-Men : Pryde of the X-Men - Pilot


The Beatles Anthology - DVD
Let It Be - The Beatles - DVD LQ
Who Cares a Lot? - Faith No More
Dead To The World - Marilyn Manson
Mr.Bungle - Concert - Dub
NIN : Closure - Nine Inch Nails
Pink Floyd: The Wall
Great Rock n Roll Swindle, The - The Sex Pistols
Twice Upon a Lifetime - Siouxsie and The Banshees

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